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5 Ways to Modernize your Home’s Exterior

3 min read

Keeping your home modern and up-to-date may seem like a full-time task—and an expensive one at that—but it doesn’t have to be. From maintaining your landscaping to adding a little flair to your front porch, Window World has you covered with 5 ways to keep your home’s exterior modern and eye-catching, no matter the year you purchased it. 

1. Repaint Old Doors or Window Shutters

Make a statement by repainting your front door a fresh, bold color. A new coat of paint can elevate your home’s exterior by bringing the focal point to the entryway. If your budget allows, installing a new front door can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Consider also repainting your garage door or window shutters to match your new front door and create a sense of unity amongst your home’s exterior. Before repainting any of your exterior products, be sure to research materials you’ll need, as well as measures to take to ensure a safe, sustainable paint job.

2. Spruce Up Your Landscaping

It is no secret that keeping up with your mowing and regular lawn maintenance makes for a more pristine yard year-round, but take it to the next level by re-mulching or planting some fun, seasonal flowers. Think about the seasons that your flowers will bloom so that you can ensure you have some color year round. For example, in the spring some good options would be daisies or tulips, but during the summer bloom sunflowers and zinnias are sure to prosper. Doing some research into what flowers will flourish and when can make sure your landscaping is looking good year-round. In order to maintain a clean, finished look add some fresh mulch around your new flowers.

3. Fix Any Imperfections

The last thing anyone wants to see alongside a beautiful home is a cracked driveway or a dented gutter. Taking the steps to fix even the most minor imperfections can modernize your home without making any drastic changes. Even giving your worn driveway a power-wash can elevate your home’s exterior for a relatively low cost. When looking at exterior imperfections, like a cracked window, a replacement may be required. Window World offers a wide variety of windows to regain the purpose of your window and freshen up your home’s exterior at the same time.

4. Improve the Lighting

Lighting can change the whole appearance of your home. A darkly lit front porch can seem scary and intimidating, but a well-lit porch is viewed as welcoming and inviting. Lighting can also be used to show off the hard work you’ve done on your landscaping. Install solar-powered lights along the pathway towards your front porch for a clear path to the door that also highlights your cared-for beds.

5. Decorate the Front Porch

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to modernize your home’s exterior is by decorating your front porch. Simply adding a new doormat or creating a sitting area on your porch can make the space beautiful and functional. Adding some potted plants to your porch can create more of a flow between your lawn and point of entry. You could even bring in characteristics from the interior of your home for even more cohesion.

Let Window World Help Modernize your Home’s Exterior

Whether you want to add a new front door or welcome the outside in through windows, Window World of Long Island has you covered. Contact us today and take a step towards a more modern exterior.