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Helpful Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring!

2 min read

home with vinyl sidingWell that was a trudge – snow almost every day, low temperatures, constant overcast – many New Yorkers thought the sun was gone for good. But sure enough, the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds, and we couldn’t be more relieved.

Here in Long Island, we’ve been anticipating spring for a long time, but chances are your house needs the warmth just a badly as you do. So in order to liberate your home from the staleness of winter, Window World of Long Island has a few pointers for a healthy, productive spring in the Big Apple:

  1. Clean windows. Grimy windows aren’t always the easiest to spot in the wintertime. But once spring arrives, dirty and foggy window panes shine brighter than the sun. In order to maintain the transparency and durability of your windows, clean your window panes with a rag and generic window cleaner to freshen them up and let the much-needed sunlight in. Contact Window World of Long Island today with more pointers on window maintenance, or to schedule a free estimate if it’s time to replace your windows!
  2. Check siding. Vinyl siding, though extremely durable and efficient, is still vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Cold weather can cause it to warp, allowing moisture to seep between the siding and your home. This can cause rotting and decay. So, now that the sun is here, check your siding to ensure it hasn’t warped or lost color. If it has, then contact Window World of Long Island immediately for your free estimate. Stay ahead of the curve and protect your home with vinyl siding products from Window World of Long Island. It’s our passion to upgrade your home!
  3. Prepare your patio. Our winter was brutal here in the north. If there’s anyone who deserves a nice spring/ summer cookout, it’s us! But the cold weather has probably rendered your backyard pad lifeless for the past few months, making it the perfect time for a spring patio update. Maybe you’re thinking outside the box and want to take a different route to springify your patio? If so, then a new set of patio doors from Window World of Long Island makes perfect sense. New patio doors are the subtle tweak your backyard needs to welcome the sun with open arms. So contact Window World of Long Island today with questions about our patio door selection or to schedule your free estimate!
  4. Update your windows. If you’re itching to update your home this spring, but can’t figure out what you need, then search no longer. Replacement windows may be exactly what you’re looking for. Our broad selection of durable, stylish, energy-efficient windows have the infrastructure to lower energy costs in your home and the design to give your home an infusion of energy and modernity. If you’re looking to revive your home, or are just interested in learning more about our window products, contact Window World of Long Island today to schedule your free estimate! We are excited to help you polish up your home!

Spring is right around the corner, and your home might still be feeling the shackles of winter. So follow these tips if you want to dust off the winter cold and let your space breathe fresh air.

Contact Window World of Long Island Today To Bring In The Spring!

Contact Window World of Long Island today to learn more about our home-improvement products or to schedule your free estimate! Let us share our expertise with you and help you update your home for the long-awaited springtime atmosphere!