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How to Perform a Window Checkup

2 min read

constructing a windowWindow checkups are essential to the health of your home. Even though you may not realize it, the health of your window can affect not only the look of your home, but it’s energy efficiency as well. We here at Window World of Long Island have come up with a few tips to help you perform your own check up, so you can keep your windows looking great, and functioning properly.

How To Perform a Window Checkup

Check exterior for flaking and peeling. Flaking and peeling looks bad, and has an easy fix; refinish the window. It’ll give your old window a whole new look.
Clean windows. As obvious as this may seem, sometime we miss the obvious. First, take a rag to the sill and any edges of the window, cleaning out dust and other particulates. Then, use a window cleaner to ensure the windows are clear.
Hose off the screen. The window’s screen catches a lot of stuff before it gets to the window. Use a hose to clean off dirt and grime which may be on the screen.
Examine the caulking and sealing. The sealing for your window is important, keeping the elements out and your air in. If you see that there are gaps, or that your sealing has deteriorated, re-caulk the area to keep it sealed.
Look at weather striping. Weather stripping applies an extra element of protection for your home from the elements. If it is loose, reattach it. if it is torn replace it. If it is intact, it’s still a good idea to tug on it lightly to ensure it makes contact with your window.
Look for discoloration and signs of moisture. Moisture build up is a major problem for a window, and can lead to rotting and other problems. If you find moisture, try to identify the source to eliminate unnecessary moisture from your window fixture.
Check the window locks. Window locks not only keep people out, they also keep your window is closed tightly, ensuring the elements stay outside. Replace or repair any problematic locks to keep your home protected and in good shape.

Repair or Replace?

Vinyl Awning WindowSometimes, even with the best maintenance, a window needs replacing. When should you consider replacing? A simple rule is, if while going through the maintenance checklist you saw a lot of damage to your window that could not be easily repaired, it is time to consider replacing the windows altogether.

Beyond that, there are some specific problems to look out for that warrant a window replacement:

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