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Should You Open or Close Your Windows During the Summer?

1 min read

During the warmer months of the year, your A/C unit has to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And if you aren’t scheduling routine maintenance, running your unit all day could be damaging to its longevity and your energy bill. Is opening your windows the solution? Read on to find out! 

Opening Your Windows

If you’re hoping to cool down your home, opening your windows is best when the inside of your home is warmer than the outside air. While there may be a breeze, you’ll only be allowing hot air to circulate if there isn’t a temperature differential. 

Outside Temperature/Weather

Regardless of any temperature differences between indoors and outdoors, it’s generally best to keep your windows closed during hot weather periods. With a decently insulated home, keeping your windows and doors closed will prevent the cool air from escaping. Consider investing in a fan—whether standing or ceiling—to help circulate the cool air within your home from room to room and take some of the strain off your air conditioning unit.

Your House 

While your A/C unit setting is important, the temperature in your home greatly depends on the quality of your insulation and the state of the sealant around your windows and doors. Check for and repair minor sealant issues, and seek professional intervention if it’s a bigger repair job than you’re willing to handle. Then, schedule routine maintenance for your HVAC system and replace dirty air filters to keep your system in a high-performing condition.

Where You Live

Understanding your local climate and weather patterns will help you to determine what your home needs in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Does your city receive lots of rain, or are the conditions typically dry? Living in humid areas typically have a higher heat index, while drier areas may be easier to cool down in. 

Have Your Windows Certified by Window World

Multiple factors come into play when regulating the temperature within your home. If you’re looking to replace your windows, consider requesting a free quote from one of our window experts today!