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Ready to Shake Up the Look of Your Home?

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A little-known gem, shakes are small siding accents that can do big things for the curb appeal of your home. Here, you’ll find facts about their past, present, and future ability to enhance the look and value of your home!

Shakes Then:

Shake siding, originally referred to as wood shingles, was first utilized in early New England construction. Wood shingles were hand cut with a mallet and axe, and they were used to protect both the side of the house and the roof.

The process and application of shingle fabrication took a major turn in the early 19th century when steam-powered saw mills made them easier to mass-produce in a uniform manner. At this time, shakes were used for more aesthetic purposes, asserting themselves as a fairly prominent factor of many architectural styles, including Carpenter Gothic, Queen Anne, and Shingle Style.

More recently, as the composition and style of siding has continued to evolve, shakes have seen increased competition. No longer solely made from wood, siding became available in a variety of materials such as sheet metal, terneplate, and clay. Even so, wooden shakes made an appearance in the 20th century Colonial Revival and Tudor Revival architectural movements.

Shakes Now:

home with patio door and shakes and scallopsIf you thought the history of shakes was dynamic, wait until you learn about their versatility now! In recent times, shakes have become much more commonly crafted from non-wood materials, such as vinyl, finished to exude the authentic look of real wood. These vinyl shakes are more affordable, protective, durable, and maintenance-free than those made from wood.

Not only has the composition of shake siding evolved, so too has its application and aesthetic appeal. Shakes have managed to stand the test of time, evolving as architectural tastes have evolved. In doing so, they’ve opened up many doors to home improvement inspiration.

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The Future of Shakes:

Due to the inherently versatile nature of shake siding, the possibilities of how it can be applied to your own home are as endless as they are attractive! Shakes can be installed uniformly to a home’s entire exterior for a unique and classic look. They can also create texture and depth to siding in certain places such as roof apexes if the color is matched to existing siding, or accent a home in an exciting way if applied in a different color than the rest of the siding. 

No matter how you choose to incorporate shakes, they are sure to give your home a fresh new look that will turn heads for years to come. Here at Window World of Long Island, we specialize in the manufacturing and installation of high quality vinyl shakes, and we’d love to help you with your siding makeover!

Contact our friendly team today to answer your questions about our shakes and to set up your FREE in-home or virtual estimate!